Chris Neyen


My work references nature and our connection to our environment, which is easily overlooked, but still very close to the human experience.

Surface, urgency and the direct influence of experiences in nature are basis for my work. I am intrigued by the potential of what lies beneath. In the layering process, a convergence takes place that unifies certain elements while contrasting others. The foreground emerges through the directness of applications while the background is never completely abandoned; this is analogous to the natural world where the new is revealed, rising out of the structures of the old. I work on a variety of substrates with charcoal, oil paint and oil pastel. Along with traditional brushes, I use unorthodox tools such as scrapers and printer brayers. I often employ semi-transparent layers to develop the mystery and potential of what lies beneath. Earlier layers may still be visible, but are transformed.

Even though we are now all connected, our associations are often not tangible. My work is about creating images that underscore our relationships with each other and with nature, speaking to what is perpetually original and yet ever changing.